A Beautiful View on What is Really There

Am I Really Longing for Free Houswives?

A Nervous Breakdown. Meeting John Maynard Keynes and James Suzman in the Second Pandemic Summer of 2021

A Nice Guy Who is Wired so Differently from Me

Banking is Care

Big Things and Useful Plumbers

Care: From Sector to Criterion

Care: Joy and Burden, Dirt and Dignity

Children and the Scriptures in Multireligious Contexts

“Doing Good With Economics”?

Equality is not the Key to a Good Life for All

Economics and the Social: A Strange Couple

First Steps toward a Theory of Shit (2010)

Five Economic Questions for All of Us

From the Narrow to the Broad Concept of Care

Humans, Products and the Need for a Postpatriarchal Economy

In the Postpatriarchal Confusion. Out and About with Xanthippe


Let’s Pull Down the Wall of Careless Economics, or: A Politics of Correspondence

Let’s Start the Care Revolution Now

Merciful Money

Money: A Helpful Instrument to Make the World a better Place for All

Nation and Nationalism

Pandemic Night. A Short Story

Patriarchy is Over (My Antananarivo Speech 09/19/19)

Production, Reproduction and the Desire for a Language Spring

Should We Start Speaking of a Caring Class?

Social Media and/as Transcendence?

Talking about Care in Public

The Care-Centered Economy. Rediscovering what has been taken for granted (78 pages) 

The Center of the Economy

The First Swiss Roundtable Discussion for a Care-centered Economy

The Future of Political Lies

The Joy and Suffering of Implementing Good Ideas

The Listening Trilogy Part One: A Sigh

The Listening Trilogy Part Two: Excerpts from My Listening Diary

The Listening Trilogy Part Three: A Question

The Omnivore – and What We Can Do to Overcome It

The Unconditional Basic Income as a Postpatriarchal Project (2012)

Thinking Natality: The Best Starting Point for the Care-Centered Economy

Three Essential Processes of Re-Negotioation Amidst Postpatriarchal Confusion: Ecology, Economy and the Production of New Humans

Towards a Care-centered Global Economy (EURAC Conference “Doing Global Gender” May 2022)

Transformative Care

Trying to Get in Contact with Economists

Transforming God-Talk in the Postpatriarchal Con/fusion


What I Learnt from the Blackbird and the Bee

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